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Half Frame Metal

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  • "Perfect store for all your eyewear needs. They have good collection for various price range. Staff is extremely courteous and helps you choose the best price "


  • " Great selection at the best price point, would highly recommend coming here. They explain the options well. Very happy with the service "


  • "S.R Gopal Rao is one of the best optician businesses out there! I had a wonderful experience with them! They worked tirelessly to ensure I got the perfect pair of sunglasses! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and help! I will wear these sunglasses for many years to come! Thank you!"

    Jackson Edwards

  • "My rimless frame was broken but I did not want to waste expensive transition glass. I found suitable frame on their website and contacted them. They helped me by contacting me and I got my problem fixed. They also handled warranty of broken Zeiss glass. Definitely recommended their shops for eye glasses and frames."

    Rohit Pawar